Okceanz application 2.0
Real Name: Andreas
In-Game Name: okceanz
Discord ID: okceanz#4982
TeamSpeak Name: stekasteka
Age: 19
What Country are you from: Sweden
How many hours a day can you play: 2-3
What server are you mainly active on: EU Normal Maps, or the one being populated.
Are you aware of the server rules, if so what's rule #7: Doesn't exist.
Are able willing to donate: Possibly.

Why would you like to join the Administration Team (MIN 150 WORDS):  First of all due to the enjoyment of playing on your servers - unfortunately, there are occasions when other players behave inappropriately or gain an advantage by using cheats (or both). Simply put, I'd like to get rid of those players and contribute to a more pleasant experience on your servers. Considering I've been playing COD games on PC since 2009, I'd also reckon that I'm fairly skilled and experienced, which of course contributes to an overall better administration. I love playing the game, but there's always room for improvement - so why settle? Your servers are great and it seems like a very humble and attractive community, which I'd love to be a part of. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get to know any of the admins closer, but my first impressions of the leader, Amos, has been great - and I'm sure the rest of the team are as well. As I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty confident that I could support the team even more with my, despite the young age, experience and knowledge about the game in general.

Tell us about yourself (MIN 100 WORDS): [b] [/b]I'm currently working at a large company by doing simpler tasks regarding their economy, such as; accounting and handling their invoices. This will only go on until next year when I'm planning to take the next step and study at university - either within economics or law. Along with this I'm also competing at the Swedish professional tour in golf. Unfortunately, the season is rather short in Sweden, but luckily there are indoor facilities at disposal. Next season will be sort of deciding for whether I'll keep playing tournament golf or not. For those unfamiliar with golf, it's a pretty tough task to reach a professional level where you can make a living out of it. But, as mentioned earlier, studying law is my next step which I believe suits me well. Regarding my personality, I'd consider myself being very calm, humble, friendly and fair - which I assume are attractive characteristics for an admin.

Additional Information: Kept building on my previous application, hope that's okay. Also, I seem like a very serious and rather stiff guy based on this application, but I have a humorous side as well  Tongue
Accepted this application.

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