Menphz Staff Application
Real Name: Joakim

In-Game Name:Menphz

Age: 25

What Country are you from: Norway

How many hours a day can you play:  5-10

What server are you mainly active on: EU all Maps

Are you aware of the server rules, if so what's rule #7: There is only 6 rules.

Are able willing to donate: Sure, why not

Why would you like to join the Administration Team (MIN 150 WORDS): I have been running several communities for years, my most successfull one was imperial community in garry's mod with over a 150 000 unique visitors every month, i think i can help  cleaning up the community and make sure everyone have a good time on the server, ive clocked over 3000 hours in MW2, and know every bit of info there is to know about the game, I also think i could be a good assett to the team as people seem to think i cheat, and i've prooven myself to not be a cheater. I will also be  spending alot of time just in spectator mode to make sure people dont do anything they're not supposed to Wink

Tell us about yourself (MIN 100 WORDS): i'm a 25 year old guy from norway, i currently work as a car mechanic and do gaming and spending time with my girl in my freetime.
i have a huge passion for gaming and have been playing since i was about 8 yr's old, 
i've also ran my own community for about 5 years that was very successfull, and i consider myself as a people person,  If there is anything else you want to know, let me know Wink

Additional Information:
There is not much else to say To be honest, if you got any questions, let me know Wink

Thanks, Menphz!
We appreciate the application, however, this falls under the minimum requirements on both 100 and 150 words.

I also understand you're not a native English speaker or typist but there are too many grammatical errors here that cannot be excused.

Please feel free to reapply in 7 days.

Don't let this prevent you from playing, we'd love to see you around soon!

Many thanks,

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