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Menphz Staff Application - Menphz - 10-07-2018

Real Name: Joakim

In-Game Name:Menphz

Age: 25

What Country are you from: Norway

How many hours a day can you play:  5-10

What server are you mainly active on: EU all Maps

Are you aware of the server rules, if so what's rule #7: There is only 6 rules.

Are able willing to donate: Sure, why not

Why would you like to join the Administration Team (MIN 150 WORDS): I have been running several communities for years, my most successfull one was imperial community in garry's mod with over a 150 000 unique visitors every month, i think i can help  cleaning up the community and make sure everyone have a good time on the server, ive clocked over 3000 hours in MW2, and know every bit of info there is to know about the game, I also think i could be a good assett to the team as people seem to think i cheat, and i've prooven myself to not be a cheater. I will also be  spending alot of time just in spectator mode to make sure people dont do anything they're not supposed to Wink

Tell us about yourself (MIN 100 WORDS): i'm a 25 year old guy from norway, i currently work as a car mechanic and do gaming and spending time with my girl in my freetime.
i have a huge passion for gaming and have been playing since i was about 8 yr's old, 
i've also ran my own community for about 5 years that was very successfull, and i consider myself as a people person,  If there is anything else you want to know, let me know Wink

Additional Information:
There is not much else to say To be honest, if you got any questions, let me know Wink

Thanks, Menphz!

RE: Menphz Staff Application - Amos - 10-08-2018

We appreciate the application, however, this falls under the minimum requirements on both 100 and 150 words.

I also understand you're not a native English speaker or typist but there are too many grammatical errors here that cannot be excused.

Please feel free to reapply in 7 days.

Don't let this prevent you from playing, we'd love to see you around soon!

Many thanks,